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My name is Emanuele Rossi, I'm an Italian amateur photographer currently living in Zurich.

My passion for photography started in 2008, since then I've been shooting and improve my technique and my gear.

I love portraits and shooting people and that's where all my studies and gear is focused.

I've also started shooting some Landscapes, Street, Events and Family portraits.

I've recently setup a small home studio with two paper backgrounds (black and white) and up to 5 speedlight flashes.

I'm always looking for new models to shoot nice photos and improve my technique.

I'm open to any suggestions so if you need something particular or if you have an idea you would like to realize don't be scared to propose it.

What I am offering:

- Completely free shooting. This is my hobby and I work only in TFCD

- Home studio up to 5 light setup, black or white background, all portable

- CD/USB with all the photo produced: one folder with full-size jpeg, another folder with web-size jpeg

- TFCD contract

Shooting categories:

- Beauty headshots

- Boudoir

- Body painting

- Pin-up

- Dreamy portraits

- Low key nude

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